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Aug8-11, 02:07 AM
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Perhaps the red-brown stains and highest-dose gunk at the base of the feed-in tube are colored by cesium-vapor residue:

And there are signs that the reddish-brown gunk was splattered around the base of the stack

Perhaps there's a filter within the stack and was clogged up with cesium-vapor residue and a recent 'belch' from the containment blew out the filter contents. In fact, just after the last 6.5 earthquake there was a small drop in Unit 1 containment pressure and temperature as well as a rise in radiation. Then within a day or two this new highest-dose location was discovered. Perhaps that marks the 'belch' that relieved some pressure, dropped the temperature and blew out a congested filter.
It really needs a chemical, elemental & isotopic analysis to resolve the issue. As TEPCO is in charge...