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Aug17-11, 10:58 PM
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Well, hopefully "ordinary times" does not mean 9% unemployment with 25% [or whatever it is now] underemployment, 1.3% growth, and the looming threat of a double dip.

Krugman has been screaming since day one that we needed to spend a lot more on the stimulus.
Instead of screaming to spend more - perhaps he should encourage people to look at this tracking report?
If I read that correctly - "only" $3Trillion of $11Trillion has been allocated?
Instead of making fun of Michelle Bachman's comments - perhaps it would be wise for her attackers to read this report also?

"There's another problem with respect to Bachmann's "repeal" of "unspent stimulus funds." She's calling for $60 billion in savings, but as of January 14, there was only $39.5 billion in unspent stimulus funds left. The only way to get $60 billion of savings out of the stimulus at this point would be to raise taxes that were lowered by the stimulus. So Bachmann's plan either calls for tax increases or it is a complete mirage...or both."

Unless CNN is wrong - Bachman might just be on to something?