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Aug22-11, 09:07 AM
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Why do things get messy when attachment/affection are involved?
I'd rather not get too much into this but everybody lies (in my experience). Lying, very many miles apart and attachment don't go hand in hand.

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Sounds like this is something she's planned for quite awhile, you can't just decide to study abroad on a whim. She didn't tell you about her plans? Or did you think she'd change her plans?
No, I've known about them since the first day we met. Which is also why I never really entertained this possibility. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

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Why is it "not worth it"? What is the harm?

What if you simply let her know how you feel? Sure, she'll still go, but absence can make the heart grow fonder.
I'm still considering this. We're meeting up soon, I'll figure it out there and then.

There is that, which is one of many possibilities. It's also possibly the best case scenario and considering only that suddenly opens up more room for disappointment. Another likely scenario is that she'll find what she can get from me (or better) within reach. And Facebook (might have something to do with me hating it...) & e-mail doesn't beat direct contact!

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But these things don't last more than one night fortunately

I believe infatuation might be more appropriate word here.
I can imagine my response to a thread like this would have been very much the same. Things would be infinitely simpler if that were true though. I've known her for a good while now and I can tell the difference between being infatuated and er, I don't know, that other thing. I don't think it's love though. But there's more to it than just "I like how she looks and I like cuddling up on the sofa and being all gay about everything*".

*Note: Things like having intense arguments about who will hang up the phone, for instance.

Thank you for the replies. I appreciate it. It's good/interesting to get some additional perspective.