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Sep2-11, 02:36 AM
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I wish I had eaten all this food. It was a really tough choice for me to choose to vote for whom I voted (I'd like to make this sentence simpler but my English is too bad. Help me Borek!).
LOL, that's the first time someone thinks my English is good enough I got what you had meant, so it wasn't that bad.

By the way, what are inside the "pastas" of Marzena? Or "empanadas", I don't really know what they are.
These are dumplings (or "pierogi" as they are called in Poland). About three inches long (but that's just the way we are making them, I have seen much larger ones as well). Inside... whatever you want. They can be made with meat, lentils, potatoes, potatoes with white cheese (these I love, they are called "ruskie pierogi" - Russian dumplings, don't ask why, as it is not a Russian meal), sauerkraut with mushrooms, cottage cheese with the buckwheat, bilberry - and so on.