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Sep10-11, 03:33 PM
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I'm pretty sure (but not absolutely sure) you could just calculate the energy by each and add it up. So;

1 gram object travelling at 0.9999999c (299792428m/sec) would release 44,937,749,943,067.6 joules of energy or ~45 petajoules. So the collision of two grams would be ~90 petajoules
I used a joule to kiloton converter on the internet, if this converter is true the combined force would be about 21,48 kilotons.

What about Q2? Is it possible to calculate the energy if one of the two one gram objects were traveling at 1c, and the other 1 gram object were traveling at 0,999999c?

And, finally, my Q3 =)
Is it possible to calculate the energy of a collision if both 1 grams objects were traveling at 1c?

I ask these Q2 and Q3 because I have a vaguely memory that I read that calculations states that the energy would be infinitive when reaching 1c. Or is it only the energy needed to accelerate an object two 1c that becomes infinitive?

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