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Sep20-11, 03:11 AM
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It is my understanding that the action and reaction forces are the same kind of force, e.g. if something is pulled by an electric force, then the reaction/inertial force is also electric;
Exactly. And "inertial forces" are never part of 3rd Law force interaction pairs. "Inertial forces" are never exerted by one object on some other object. "Inertial forces" also appear only in non-inertial frames.

Replace space station with bar, and astronauts with masses here:

The space station is accelerating the astronauts, by exerting an electromagnetic interaction force on them (Fcp), and the 3rd Law reaction to this is an electromagnetic interaction force exerted by the astronauts on the station (Frcf). None of these two forces is an inertial force.

The inertial force (Ficf) appears only in the non-inertial rotating frame and acts on the astronaut directly, regardless of any interaction.