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Oct1-11, 05:52 PM
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Alright, so my girlfriend and I are planning to go to the Renaissance Fair tomorrow morning. I'd leave my house around 8:30 and pick her up at 9. She offered to cook me breakfast tomorrow morning before we leave, but I declined, since I'd already be waking up at 8am as it is, and I don't want to wake up even earlier.

Anyway, now she's mad at me. I feel as if I did nothing wrong, and she's just being crazy. She probably feels as if I'm being an unreasonable jerk, and that she did nothing wrong.

So, am I a jerk, or is she crazy? Here is the exact text message exchange:

Her: Let me know about breakfast cause I'll need to take stuff out of the freezer tonight

Me: I'll pass on breakfast. Thanks anyway

Her: Thanks alot I won't offer anything ever again

Me: ?

Her: ?

Me: I don't understand why you're mad. You can still eat breakfast.

Her: I'm not mad. That is not the point I know I can eat breakfast. I find it rude if someone is doing something nice for you to say no thanks I'll pass. Like I said, I won't offer

Me: I didn't know I didn't have a choice in the matter. If I wasn't allowed to decline breakfast, you should have told me

Her: U always have a choice, u just chose wrong. U can always do what u want. I was being nice.

Me: I just don't feel like waking up an extra hour early so you can be nice. I don't think I chose wrong

Her: Ok ttyl
Please advise.
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