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Nov4-11, 07:52 AM
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Here's some more rationalization/ammo: Cats are invariably symbols of the feminine. They're picky, fickle, high maintainence, vain: always grooming themselves. If a guy likes cats it constitutes absolute proof he likes women and is not gay. Guy's who like dogs over cats are extremely questionable. Women view a guy who has a good relationship with a cat as extremely desirable boyfriend/husband material.
You can at least back that up with some sources man...
The survey showed that 85 percent of men, and 94 percent of women, don't think it's wimpy or needy for a man to love his cat.
Yes, according to this same British survey, women love men with cats. Ninety percent of single women surveyed thought men who like cats are "nicer" -- i.e., more caring and sensitive -- than those who don't. A quick poll of my cat-loving single girlfriends bears this out.
Oh and some gratuitous material for some of our other members...
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