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Nov4-11, 12:32 PM
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That's my plan. Just lonely coming home to an empty house everyday. I've had live-in girlfriends off and on over the last few years, and they're nice... but the cost of ownership goes up steadily (first it's a pair of boots for the snow, then it's a pair of matching shoes to wear after the boots come off, then it's a new sweater with matching Lexus).

A cat should be nice... it'll need attention (and I love to give attention), and maybe it'll watch movies with me, or listen to the music I write... or... conspire...
Sounds good, Flex. I always loved having a pet to come home to.

The ferret in my avatar was Turbo, and he was almost like a dog because he loved attention. We had Pergo flooring in the living-room (my office was on one end) and he loved to play "ferret-bowling". He'd come to me, playing keep-away until I caught him, then I'd scale him across that slippery floor. He'd work like hell trying to get his feet under him and scrub off speed, just so he could run back to me and play keep-away again. We'd do that for probably 15-20 minutes at a time, until he came back to me and put his front paws up on my leg, letting me know that he wanted to be held so he could take a nap. That was good for both of us.