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Nov12-11, 07:25 AM
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Two things I discovered by skimming through the report:

Unit 2 - If I read the section about Unit 2 correctly (and I'm not really sure I did, perhaps NUCENG could look over the sections regarding Units 1-3? There's a certain emphasis on venting valves), then Unit 2 never vented. The workers established a vent path, but a rupture disc never failed, even though the pressure was higher than the pressure needed to break it.
So when Unit 2 finally depressurized, it wasn't done through venting - but through containment failure.

Unit 3 - RCIC didn't fail on March 14th, it failed on March 12th at 11:36 local time, HPCI provided core cooling until the morning of March 14th. Was that fact known before?