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Nov14-11, 08:32 AM
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THis is probably a common question submitted to this forum.

I was chatting to a hot chick last night and I quite like her. I think we found a commonality thorught sports and fitness and she said she was keen to go for a run with me (2 weeks time as shes away).

I got her number and she has mine in her phone (Actually she suggested I take her number....what does this imply?)

The problem is I dont know whether she sees me as a potential BF or just a friend.... We chatted for good while but nothing else happened. I didnt find any tell tales signs that she potentially likes me(maybe she was playing cool)

So what do I do...
  • How do I suss out whether its just a friend thing?
  • When do I text her, I dont want to make her think Im too keen.

In my experience, every time I meet girls (potential GF's in my mind) through my friends they always end just being friends. I always ask my self why and I think its because I am 'too nice' and do not have that xfactor that intrigues girls to say 'hes a potential BF'. So I am just wondering is this girl gonna be the same thing...just a friend...
I've highlighted in red what you wrote because I would like you to focus on that. Hopefully, you will have a pleasant run with the girl in the upcoming future. Obsessing about what may happen prior to the event is in my opinion a waste of time and energy. The future of a relationship is not made up of *predictions* as far as I am concerned. Relax and enjoy each day as it unfolds.