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Nov25-11, 07:02 AM
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OK, so let me start from the beginning...

Ive always loved Maths and Physics and ive always got really good grades in olevel and alevel. However i was never sure what i wanted to do. i ended up choosing architecture since it looked cool and involved maths and physics. However i got to know that the first year was just a foundation course in which it teaches u the fundamentals of design and drawing and photography and it kinda freaked me out, since im not good at drawing at all, and have no creativity :S. As a result i ended up changing into a BSc maths & physics degree. im liking it at the moment however im doubtful about what job prospects i have with a maths and physics!!! Im not really interested in lecturing or teaching. Also, i live in Malta, so there arent many jobs that include researching and which has a good pay. As a result im starting to panic again because it seems im studying for a real hard and demanding course, which in the end might not even get me a proper job with good pay!

Therefore i would like to know what else i can do with a Maths and Physics degree. Can I, for example, end up working in the financial sector, as a Risk Manager or an Actuary, or woudl i need to take a Statistics degree course in university?

Ive also researched a bit on architecture and i found something about Structural engineering, which is the mathematical part of archtiecture! This really intrigued me since my main concern of architecture was all the creativity and design! What do you suggest

(P.S: im not 100% sure but i think the structural engineering course is IN the architecture course, where it is only in the 4th year that u can either specialise in archtiecture or structural engineering)

sorry for the long post, but im just really confused
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