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Nov27-11, 03:06 PM
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The statement is true
(Really funny guys.)

Soulmate implies a mate for your soul. Not a twin. Not a god or goddess, just someone who fits well and with whom you and he/she will be a "better person" than you would be alone. The song that says "wind beneath my wings" describes this kind of relationship but it can also be the tail of a kite or the storm anchor of a ship. Talking is fine but when you are with the right person you never have to say I love you, you never have to say a word. You know they have your back, will never intentionally hurt you or anyone else, they profoundly respect you as an equal, and really don't notice wrinkles, a bit of chub because they don't matter. Now this of course also describes a really good friend so the icing on the cake is if this person is so hot to you that just looking at them causes your temperature to rise a few hundred degrees, this is not a bad thing. There is one more critical attribute - it's his job to keep her laughing (or him as the case may be) because only an incredible sense of humor can possibly get two people through life together without killing one another.

It used to be women in particular were so ashamed of a failed marriage that they would stay in the most horrendous situations. Now it has swung so far the other way that many will bail over trivial issues that have no bearing on the "big picture". But the little signs are there when you start thinking seriously about someone as a life partner. Don't be so anxious to find that soulmate that you ignore the danger signs. I'll be forever grateful that I walked away several times before making the final and lasting choice because this is the last criteria - that if either one of you cross the line drawn in the sand in the beginning, the other can and will walk away. As long as this is true you both are very careful to follow the rules that keep your relationship from wrecking. it's very easy and well worth it when both are willing to give 100%, not 50%, when needed.

so is there "one" soulmate? Highly unlikely unless you're really strange yourself. But some are acceptable and some are totally amazing. Will the relationship last? See "line in the sand". Stay tuned for the next lecture on Soulmates 100.

Happy hunting!