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Nov29-11, 05:03 PM
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Starting at 27 minutes (sorry for changing the clip) of the video link,
There are multiple sightings of a long cylindrical object with a strobe at 30,000 feet.

At 44 minutes into the video, there are Belgium military officers who describe there encounter, and chase, of a triangle shaped UFO. At 55min, the Belgium Air Force is on alert. 2 F-16's chase the triangle shaped object. They locked onto it with on-board radio, but the craft bolts out of range.
At 1 minute 16s into the video they show a short bit of footage of a well-known "encounter" that was so badly reported and debunked, it ruins any credibility this show might have had.

As any moderately intelligent amateur with a mildly critical eye could see, the artifacts were out-of-focus particle flecks but were flogged as semi-transparent rotating disks of significant size.
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