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Nov30-11, 03:01 AM
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Good point, and maybe they do, but it's lost in the overwhelm of the sighting.

Depends what you mean by "familiar". The assumption of radar expertise could lead you astray. Don't know if you saw the Mythbusters episode with the airplane on the conveyer belt proof, but I was startled to find out the pilot of the plane, himself, didn't think he'd be able to take off!
It's really a fighter pilot's job to know what is in their air space. They need to be able to identify friendly air crafts, enemy air crafts, airliners; they need to know where a potentially hostile air craft is going. No fighter pilot wants to radio back to the tower saying: "there's a bogey around here somewhere, but I lost it." If a pilot says that they locked on to an aircraft, and it maneuvered out of lock, I see no reason to doubt that.

Sorry, I blurted out what you didn't want to know.