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Dec1-11, 01:03 PM
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Wrong. "Most likely" is an expression of approximated probability.

When you have two puncture wounds on your neck you should probably think of the vampire-hypothesis last. The prevalence of movies and books about vampires does not lend credence to the hypothesis itself. Likewise, the prevalence of movies and books about aliens visiting Earth does not lend credence to that particular hypothesis.
If you buy a lottery ticket, most likely you won't win; yet several people around the country win every week. Anyway, how do you explain all these silvery aluminum looking saucers in the sky? If something that big came off the plane, it would crash.
  • one silver cigar-shaped object flying slowly and vertically.
  • one saucer-shaped object leaving a vapor-like trail, disappeared from sight in 3 mn.
  • one cream-colored disc-shaped object, flying at 1,500 ft (diameter : 20 ft).
  • a saucer-shaped object followed by the pilot for about 20 miles
  • a domed-disc
  • four groups of round metallic silver objects
  • two large flying discs, with a silver mirror surface, 600-700 ft diameter
  • a silvery elongated object motionless

It is a fact that, given our present understanding of the universe, alien visitation is probably the least likely hypothesis to explain UFO sightings of any flavor.
How do you know?