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Dec1-11, 03:40 PM
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Falsifiable experiment? OK, here goes.
Abstract: Over the last 70 years, there have been sightings of saucer/cylindrical/cigar shaped metallic objects in the sky. There are several famous accounts of alien abduction (Link Removed), alien implants Link Removed), and an organization of witnesses of alien activity (Link Removed). There is plenty of speculation that the metallic objects in the sky and the accounts of alien activity might be linked. In other words, maybe they got here in a spaceship. There is a mountain of pictures and stories, but there is no hard evidence. I propose that we try to get hard evidence.

If alien intelligence exists and it got here in a flying saucer, can we get it to land at an agreed upon location by transmitting a request for a meeting? An experiment team would announce to the media their intent to invite an alien in a spaceship to land for a meet and greet. Watching CNN is a perfectly reasonable way to monitor what is happening on planet Earth; if aliens are observing us, then they might watch CNN or other news reports. The invitation will be transmitted as an audio/video signal from point x aimed at point y. The invitation will be cordial, friendly and it will be broadcast repeatedly for a period of 3 months until the aliens find it. We want the aliens to feel welcome so we will afford them plenty of time to find the invitation.

If the team invites aliens in their spaceship to land at a designated location: will they land? If they do land, then the issue is resolved. If they don't land, then why? Is it because they don't exist?
I don't know what to say. Do you not see what's wrong with all of this? Am I getting dragged into a troll-trap?

Most of your citations have been from crackpot (or crackpot-associated) websites. When you put a link to "" on the PhysicsForums, just so you know, no one looks at that link. I did, however, open up "disclosureproject" because I was unaware of it. Let me provide a quote directly from the site; it's the first thing I saw:
The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.
Another site dangerously close to crackpottery. They are starting with the presumption that there are facts to be known about extraterrestrial intelligence. Not a good way to start an investigation, is it?

Then you go on to use the word "hypothesis" to describe your experiment. You're all over the place! Organize your thoughts.


oh my god

What don't you get about the fact that it does not matter what the content of the message is?! If an alien received the message how could it possibly understand any of the content? Have you ever seen an analog video transmission? Would you know how to decode it? Even if you could decode it, how could you guarantee the result was what was intended by the receiver?

Any radio transmission from earth (dating back over a hundred years now) would be sufficient evidence of life on earth. Have you read about the first pulsar discovered? They dubbed it "LGM" for "little green men" because it's pulsed output was so regular that it defied known cosmological physics.

Here is an analog video signal as measured on an oscilloscope. Find the content. Go!

Okay, I've proven my point. Please stop talking about broadcasting a video "message." It's a stupid idea. Sorry. There. I said it. You might be smart, but that idea is stupid.

So we can agree that it doesn't matter what the content of a video signal is.

However, you could send a much much much much more basic signal. One with the simplest data encoded in it. And this was done... exactly as you've asked... back in 1974. It was called the Aricebo message, and Carl Sagan himself helped design the message.

Quote Quote by Aricebo Message
00000010101010000000000 00101000001010000000100 10001000100010010110010 10101010101010100100100 00000000000000000000000 00000000000011000000000 00000000001101000000000 00000000001101000000000 00000000010101000000000 00000000011111000000000 00000000000000000000000 11000011100011000011000 10000000000000110010000 11010001100011000011010 11111011111011111011111 00000000000000000000000 00010000000000000000010 00000000000000000000000 00001000000000000000001 11111000000000000011111 00000000000000000000000 11000011000011100011000 10000000100000000010000 11010000110001110011010 11111011111011111011111 00000000000000000000000 00010000001100000000010 00000000001100000000000 00001000001100000000001 11111000001100000011111 00000000001100000000000 00100000000100000000100 00010000001100000001000 00001100001100000010000 00000011000100001100000 00000000001100110000000 00000011000100001100000 00001100001100000010000 00010000001000000001000 00100000001100000000100 01000000001100000000100 01000000000100000001000 00100000001000000010000 00010000000000001100000 00001100000000110000000 00100011101011000000000 00100000001000000000000 00100000111110000000000 00100001011101001011011 00000010011100100111111 10111000011100000110111 00000000010100000111011 00100000010100000111111 00100000010100000110000 00100000110110000000000 00000000000000000000000 00111000001000000000000 00111010100010101010101 00111000000000101010100 00000000000000101000000 00000000111110000000000 00000011111111100000000 00001110000000111000000 00011000000000001100000 00110100000000010110000 01100110000000110011000 01000101000001010001000 01000100100010010001000 00000100010100010000000 00000100001000010000000 00000100000000010000000 00000001001010000000000 01111001111101001111000
Here's what it looks like if you mess up the decoding (color added):

But here's what it looks like if you decode it properly (color added):

I got all of that information directly from Wikipedia. You can get it there, too. But, before you go to the Wikipedia website, see if you can decode the meaning in the message. It was designed, specifically, to be readable by any species and does not require base-10 math, or any knowledge of any language.

It is the simplest message possible. MUCH simpler than a CNN broadcast.

Your experiment was done more than 35 years ago. You can now write your paper. Are they ignoring us? Or are we alone?