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Dec4-11, 03:24 AM
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I was wondering if there is currently a project by some government or NGO, in the same spirit as the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, to digitize all information (history, math/science, literature, etc.) and store it either somewhere safe on the planet or better yet on some other celestial body in our solar system, to prepare for what seems to me to be the reasonably likely chance of catastrophic climate change resulting in human extinction.

I'm not trying to discuss climate change itself in this thread, as I understand that topic is prohibited, but for those who feel the way I do this would seem like an awfully good idea and maybe something NASA ought to be focused on rather than exploring Mars for life, not that that wouldn't normally be a good idea under less dire circumstances. Maybe with some sort of really long lasting battery for emitting regular pulses of radio waves so that in a billion years when some other species comes along they can find this relic and learn about us. Although I'm guessing we don't yet have the technology for such a long lasting battery =[.
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