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Dec5-11, 03:07 PM
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Ok, so I tried to call from my office phone, and I didn't know what to press to dial out of the building. I tried every combination, pressing 0 first, 99 first, # and * first, and a few other combinations, each with some stupid university message about not dialing the number correctly (my german is pretty bad, so I didn't know what it actually said). I was pretty frustrated since I actually built up the nerve to call, and I couldn't!

Well, I decided to just send an email telling her how I can't stop thinking of how much I enjoyed being with her on Saturday and how I want to get to know her better. And then I just asked when I could see her again. Kept it short and to the point. Now I just have to wait... I really wish I would have called and I would know by now if I would see her again! There is too much suspense waiting for an email. I hope it works...
Nice. As a starcrafter would say, WP.

EDIT: 200 km aint that far.