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Dec25-11, 11:46 PM
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Questions concerning hypervelocity stars

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Hey everybody, I'm new here and what better way to start then jump right in!! I have a few questions concerning hypervelocity stars for a sci fi book that I want to write.

First of all, what is the agreed upon "average" speed of a hypervelocity star? I have done a bit of googling, but I have seen a lot of different numbers. Would 1000km/s be about right?

Secondly, I have read that some hypervelocity stars are thought to have originated in the Magellanic Clouds. Which one would be more likely to produce hypervelocity stars? The LMC or the SMC?

Thirdly and finally, given the speed and the distance of the LMC/SMC, how long would it take a hypervelocity star to reach Earth? I know this would never happen, but keep in mind it's just for a sci fi novel :P

Thank you all for your help and I look forward to being a member of these forums :) Merry Christmas!!!

From what I have read hyper velocity stars have been flung out of the Galactic core. I guess they might be easier to see in the LMC/SMC. The Magellanic Clouds are about 168,000 (LMC) & 225,000 ly (SMC) away. At 1,000 km/s you're travelling at 300 years per light-year, thus it's 56,000,000 years & 75,000,000 years flight time respectively.