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Tonight TMC broadcast this unique film, which is mostly a reenactment of UFO events that involved and were studied by the Air Force in the late 1940s and early 50s. I believe all the information presented wrt to the individual events is consistent with conclusions of the Air Force's Project Bluebook, but without a careful review I can't be entirely sure. While there is a slight bias, esp in the introduction and the very end of the film, it is extremely balanced as these things go and is very much down to earth. The film focuses on the facts with very little speculation. Extremely dry, and typical of the military documentaries and promotional films made after WWII, this isn't an entertaining film, but it does tell the story of some major UFO events through the unique perspective of Al Chop.

Albert M. Chop began his career as a newspaper reporter in Dayton, Ohio. Following World War II he went to work for the Press Section of the Air Material Command (AMC) at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Chop was initially very skeptical of UFOs, but after being promoted to Chief of the Press Section at AMC he had a change of mind...

...Chop was present in the radar control room at Washington National Airport on the night of 26 July 1952, when numerous UFOs were tracked on radar in restricted airspace, and jet interceptors were scrambled

The entire movie can be viewed online. There is some unique file footage including rare, though staged interviews with a few of the people involved in these early reports

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