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Rob D
Jan20-12, 12:06 PM
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I don't think business credentials and ability to revamp the economy are interchangeable. The government isn't a business. That is, their goal shouldn't be maximum profit. I think people's concern are not with a rich man's business credentials, but his motivations. If his goal truly was the best for Americans, that's great, but I am concerned that his goals would be for himself.
So King, I cannot fully counter your concerns. Nor would i want to. We all most probably chose this forum because we wanted to confer with those others of a scientific bent. We have a, perhaps, different way of llooking the world, more critical, more skeptical and more demanding of proof.

Applying all that, I must admit a certain reluctance to take the Gov. at face value although he seems like a decent guy to me. My instinct is bouyed by my almost instant judgments of Mr. Obama's character which have proved to be, for the most part, accurate. But that's not very scientific. Romney has yet to be tested in the national stage, but there's lots of data from his other work. Those data would indicate that he acquitted himself admirably. We elected Obama with nothing like that degree of scrutiny. Let's see what the American electorate will do with a much richer data field.