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Jan21-12, 05:10 PM
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Hi there,

I'm looking for a topic for my physics master thesis. The topic is free, and I'm really interested in (parallel) computing, as well as dynamical systems and "chaos". However, I'm kinda short on specific ideas, so this is where I'm looking for help. Current ideas for the project:

1) it involves a lot of computer modelling,
2) it's about dynamical systems,
3) it should or could relate to some contemporary hot topic (;-),
4) it could involve system dynamics,
5) it could involve catastrophe theory,
6) it could involve ideas from fluid dynamics applied to above fields,
7) it could be heavy on the math.

Ideas on topics not necessarily considered "physics" are very welcome. How about modelling chaos in the finance sector and predicting the next crisis? What if we could predict the amount of chili in a dish that would make more than half of the guests go 'Yak' and take the others down with them?

The above is very vague, I know. But please, people, consider this a crowdsourced brainstorm. Good ideas will be appreciated!

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