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Jan23-12, 09:52 AM
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The Clintons have a balance of power which I suspect is the reason they are still married.

I do remember a comic in the newspaper showing Hillary, Bill and Buddy at the veterinarian's office. The vet looks at Hillary and asks her "Which one is here to be neutered?"

People do stupid things and this includes very intelligent people. I did like Monica's comment though when she was being asked about their dalliance. She said something like I didn't think it was anyone else's business.

Of course the big problem here was, as is the problem with the person who originated this thread - he was married and they did not have equal power.

I would hope the young man who posted this question would look at all the trouble this caused and stick to fantasy at least until graduation.

I personally know three cases of students who actually married their teacher. The first was a young single male teacher and coach. He met the student working on a student newspaper. He somehow obviously found out the interest was mutual and immediately went to her parents. She was a senior at the time. The only times they saw each other was at her house with her parents there. She was a high school senior when they met. She went on to college and they continued dating and married after she graduated. They are still married 30 years later. This is the way it's done right.

the second one, the teacher was female and married. A real good looking woman. She knew the student as she taught him and worked with him as he was the student body president. She was married to an older man. The story was, the older man had "problems" and he refused to deal with them. She eventually divorced him and in a year or so began dating the former student who had now graduated from college and worked for a mortgage bank. They are still happily married after 15 years. Another one that was done right.

The last case was a 15 year old young man and his female teacher. They were caught in the proverbial compromising situation. They did marry but people who know them well say there is a power problem in this one.

So if there really is potential for a lasting relationship a few years doesn't make much difference.