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Jan27-12, 07:01 PM
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[The terms] 'body' and 'the physical world' refer to whatever there is, all of which we try to understand as best we can and to integrate into a coherent theoretical system that we call the natural sciences . . . If it were shown that the properties of the world fall into two disconnected domains, then we would, I suppose, say that that is the nature of the physical world, nothing more, just as if the world of matter and anti-matter were to prove unrelated.
I don't see any appeal in leaving substance dualism open as a live option.

Instead, a systems approach simply treats forms as global constraints. And as the excellent evo-devo paper you cited shows, constraints can then be hierarchical in nature. You start out at the most mathematically general (constraints generated from the most primitive material conditions imaginable, like a point and a space) and then have the increasingly specified constraints that make up first our universe, then the history of dissipative structure within it.

So you can get all the benefits of Platonism without the drawbacks of dualism.