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WaynesWorldphysics ???

Please sophiecentaur, could you work out what the Newont force is below is, peak, average or total ???
1. If you can't tell me the acceleration (i.e. what is the variation of velocity with time during the lift? There are infinite possible combinations that will get the weight from bottom to top of the lift in a given time.) I cannot tell you the force. (Did you not read my F=mA formula?)

2. Because the weight starts and ends stationary, the Mean additional force must be zero and the mean force will be the weight.. (I think this had been pointed out several times already.)

3. What does "total force" mean? Do we add up the forces, measured every second, every tenth of a second, every 100th of a second???? It's a nonsense concept as you can only validly add forces that operate at the same time.. Ask the makers of your machine for an answer. There is not a PF answer for you.

It matters not whether you are working in Imperial or Metric - all three questions are either nonsense of indeterminable.