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Jan31-12, 12:08 PM
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:))) thanks for the advice.

Today he e-mailed back! and basically it was only 6 words but it means he's ok with it if I choose his project, and that he doesn't dislike me. hopefully. Ahhhh!!!!! I've lost interest in all the other projects now! and I've become paranoid someone else from the class will also choose his project!!! NOČ!

ah.... what to do? I'm almost tempted to read his project properly and think of some questions to ask him and look even more interested so he will choose me! hm... but I'm also scared of being really obvious if I do meet him again... I think he could tell last time!

Like I said before, be careful. Your academic progress comes first. If you choose to get personally involved, you could get burned if things don't turn out well. People who fall "out of love" or even "out of infatuation" with you are not the best folks to have as supervisors.