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Feb4-12, 04:25 PM
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Why would she get angry? Why would she hate you? Do you plan to be mean to her?

The fact is she is a lot childish in many manners.She works as a part time reporter in a child based news program of a tv channel.She has met and known many many people.She also has another very very good friend who is also handicapped.His condition is serious than mine.He requires a stick to walk,can't walk fast or run.He is very nice,I am also friends with him.But she speaks with him many times a day on the phone.She tells all of her problems to him for help.She also talks with me everyday on the phone but lees than with him.I don't know maybe she really loves him.I am scared as she has more good male friends.

I don't know what to do .But she is the most affectionate and understanding female person I have ever met.Moreover I don't know if my mother will want her as my future wife.I can't go against my mom.In appearance she is shorter than me but as white as me,she isn't good in studies ,my family is much richer than her's(I am not making fun of her,just saying).We are just about to finish high school in a few months.

I never had any regular contact with any girl before.This has made my other friends,teachers much more suspective.They are warning her about having contact with me as the final high school graduation exam is very close.Last night she was telling me about the warning she got.I became angry about it.Then I behaved rough with her,telling her that normal healthy people are bad,she is also one of them.I feel bad about it now.

I don't know where this is going.I am scared very much at this moment.I feel pain in my chest when I think about these.Don't know what to do.