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Feb11-12, 05:47 AM
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Quote Quote by tsutsuji View Post 2077 Bq/kg dried shiitake mushrooms grown in Shizuoka were found in a shop in Yokohama. 7 bags (of 80 g each) have already been sold.
Grown mainly in Iwate and packaged in Shizuoka. Sorry.;av=ALL As a follow-up of the discovery in January of 43,780 Bq/kg high radiation ashes in a wood stove in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima prefecture, the ministry of environment checked wood stoves in 9 homes in 9 cities and towns in Southern Ibaraki prefecture . The lowest value was 1180 Bq/kg and the highest one 59,000 Bq/kg (resulting of the burning of 480 Bq/kg wood). 258 Bq/kg in soba noodles in a restaurant in Okinawa. The noodles were manufactured using water percolating ashes from Fukushima wood. On 10 February, the Forestry Agency issued instructions so that wood from 17 prefectures produced after the 11 March earthquake are not used in food, even if they are below the radiation limits (40 Bq/kg for wood, 280 Bq/kg for charcoal). List of cities and towns in Fukushima prefecture where the 2011 rice harvest was found higher than 100 Bq/kg, with the numbers of such farms (170 farms in Fukushima city, 199 in Date, 111 in Nihonmatsu, 39 in Kunimi, 29 in Koori, 20 in Motomiya, 6 in Kawamata, 2 in Ootama and Soma, 1 in Tamura and Shirakawa) (Higher than 500 Bq/kg: 23 Farms in Fukushima city, 14 in Date, 1 in Nihonmatsu).