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Mar3-12, 04:18 AM
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To me, it seems the world's most powerful nation -- the United States -- is gradually, but increasingly sliding into a dark age....

Religion is taking over the U.S., and I think that does not bode well for contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Its bad enough being gay or non-Christian in the U.S., ostracization of any such minority is the norm, but I believe that too many Americans still tend to view non-Christian nations as barbaric, and would hold that view of an alien civilization.
You need to check your facts. Religion in the US has been on the decline since the 1970s. In the 1990s the Southern Baptist church in particular saw a mass exodus as their congregations grew disgusted with all the negativity in sermons. In recent years the poor and young in particular have stopped attending services in record numbers. What churches remain have diversified.

If you ask me that's why for the last thirty years the far right has been steadily ratcheting up their rhetoric to the point that professional wrestling trash talk and UFO conspiracy theories sound tame in comparison. They're desperate and pulling out all the stops. Its not just about religion, but a steady cultural revolution that shows no sign of abating with even gay marriage now being approved in 8 states and the first black president looking likely to be re-elected.

If I had to guess the current kicking and screaming and dragging of feet will slowly die down as the baby boomers die off.