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Mar3-12, 12:44 PM
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Here is some code:

typedef struct ExpandedTime
int et_usec;
int et_sec;
int et_min;
int et_hour;

ExpandedTime* localTime(ExpandedTime* etime);

Apparently the ExpandedTime* localTime(ExpandedTime* etime) is a function called localTime() that takes a pointer to an ExpandedTime structure which I am calling etime and returns an ExpandedTime structure. I am not understanding how to implement this at all, the compiler keeps telling me I am missing an = sign somewhere. If anyone can help me get through this I have put about 9 hours into this lab so far and there are still 3 other parts to do for it.

Essentially what the lab is doing is taking the Epoch time from UNIX and converting it to a human readable string. I have done the flowcharts and planning for that but its just this structure thing thats confusing the hell out of me.

Thanks for the help!
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