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Mar3-12, 01:34 PM
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I totally missed the UFO! I was so busy trying to figure out if that prominence was an extinct volcano or not...

The idea of extra-terrestrial life has been floating around a long time - long enough that crackpots and agent provocateurs alike have given the concept a fairly marginalized place in society.

If we're ever visited by alien lifeforms, the chances for their existence immediately jump from whatever tiny amount they might be to 100%, so I think the mental exercise of conjecturing what the odds are for life beyond the Earth are mostly pointless. They certainly do end up giving people a better appreciation of the sheer numbers of "things" in the Universe.

The very fact that we exist, leads me to believe that dismissing extra-terrestrial life is fairly anthropocentric. There were billions of years where, if something were able to calculate the odds of our existence, the numbers would have been equally as minute.