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Mar4-12, 06:44 AM
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With the table made level by the 'hanging rope method' and the legs in the bucket into which concrete would be poured and let to set for an amount of time, after which the ropes are removed, and the table should now still be level, is a misconception as one has to assume that each leg will now bear one fourth of the table weight, again from another assumption that the table weight is evenly distributed, and that the compression of each leg is also proportional to one fourth od the table weight, again from an assumption that each leg is completely similar to all the other three.

In addition, there will be an air space under leg between the bottom of the leg and the concrete and one has no way of knowing how large this air space will be or if the air space has been completely eliminated with agitation of the concerete before it has set, with the ensuing result that some legs may rest on more or less concrete whose compression from the table leg can thus not be determined beforehand.

I would conclude that this method would result in a table that is nearly level, with no method of determining how near to level the table would be.