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Mar5-12, 07:18 AM
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Clamtrox, I highlighted what I was responding to. I don't think you need to know what "dark energy" is in order to estimate the total entropy today.
Of course it does - just plug a different matter content into Friedmann equation and you get a different horizon size.

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Some of your comments are explicitly addressed by the Bianchi et al article I linked earlier. Have you by any chance read it? Might find it interesting.
Google "bianchi prejudices constant" and get
I don't understand. Do you think it's completely insignificant that we just happen to be currently expanding freely (within 1% accuracy in LCDM model)?

It seems fairly clear to me that the authors of this article do not appreciate (or intentionally try to misrepresent) the coincidence problem.

I also really dislike their tone considering that rest of their articles are on LQG