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Jun12-03, 07:11 AM
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I will repeat what others have already said: It is ok so long as you are honest with all parties involved. Moving on...

You got to know more guys and girls in order to get the right one as your spouse.
Sure, but two question are now begged: Is having sexual relations with multiple would-be-spouses at the same time a good way to find the right one? If one is having two intimate relationships at the same time, are those relationships truely intimate? I would say no to both questions. If the goal is a lasting, exclusive romantic relationship, simultaneously experimenting with possible ones is irrational. So, to truely answer your question, yes, it is wrong because your methods contradict your goals.

Off topic:
So yes, by the laws of the natural universe....
There are no laws of the natural universe. An unmediated world cannot do as a reference for absolutes - even physics has its ethics, it has too. I would deny the whole fact/value dichotomy as well... Morality can be just as absolute as physics (granted, physics is far less holistic than morality - it is easier to stay on the same page, have ways to differentiate true and false statements in physics than in morality, but I would go as far as to say, with Rorty, that the statement slavery is wrong is just as absolute as Newton's theory of gravity is true).