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Mar24-03, 01:19 PM
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Has anyone else cracked the obvious coded instructions imbedded into the 'Video's', release of Saddam Hussain?

It is quite obvious that Iraq is using the 'Worlds-Media', to contact Saddams forces throughout Iraq. The obvious ally first-strike would incapitate the Iraqi Communication infristructure, Iraqi's, and that includes Saddam Hussain are not stupid!

The backup system is the worlds media, I mean what better way to communicate than to give a 'press conference', expect all the worlds media(who are competing against each other to get the news on to every TV set in the world at the first exclusive moment), to relay the 'interview', and at the other end, the Iraqi end bath party user, just has to recognize which Video is being played(each Video is a Battleplan), and carry out instructions!

One recent Video clearly has instructions to:detonate Explosives at Iraq'i Dams, flooding the lowlands and all the 'DESERT RATS', will be purged from our sacred marshlands, the Devil infedels will never leave the marshlands, end quote.
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