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Jan16-13, 08:46 AM
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For Laplace transforms there's a handy table of conversions in the back of CRC handbook.
I don't think there's any analogous table of dream interpretations that would be credible..

If you fellows are serious, try a search on terms 'dream' and 'psychology' and peruse the results.

Here's an easily readable review of an article describing a logical approach to getting started.
The author being reviewed is, interestingly, a Political Science major turned psychologist, exactly like Evo's friend Professor Noll. He too went to Harvard.

The steps he describes pretty well parallel my experience and i've read a couple of the pieces in his 'suggested reading'. It seems a reasonable place to start.

If you want some more light reading, here's a Jungian analysis of the Chicken Little fable that , well, just rocks.
Enjoy !

old jim