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Jan10-05, 12:14 PM
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Before this stage, the womb is essential for survival. But equally, for adults oxygen is essential for survival. If we are flying in a plane, should we be killed because we could not survive outside the plane? Or should the pilot have the choice to kill us.
A plane is outside of the normal human habitat, thus the analogy doesn't work.
Do you believe that it is ok to kill the baby girls in asia, because they could not survive without their parents, or any adults to support them?
Not a valid analogy.
If there is a child/adult who is disabled, should they be killed? I say not, although they would be a drain on society.
There are two cases where it is done: people who are brain dead with no hope of recovery often have life support terminated, and people who choose it either through a living will or assisted suicide. In both of these cases, I think it is moral.
After conception.
There is an inconsistent standard applied here by many religions: If a fetus is a full-human with a soul, then birth should not be a factor: why does entry into heaven require baptism after birth (why not have a ceremony where you baptise the woman's stomach?)? Why don't people have funerals for month-old fetuses? [legally] Why do we have "birth certificates" and not "conception certificates"?

It is my understanding that a significant fraction of fertilized eggs never implant into the uterus (can a biologist confirm this please?) or are otherwise lost (menstration doesn't stop?) within weeks of conception. Doesn't this pose a problem for the life-starts-at-conception view?