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Jan28-05, 04:16 AM
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I disagree completely about a math and science "orientation" in the education system. If anything, its the opposite. Mainstream culture as a whole shuns math and science, well to be perfectly correct shuns anything remotely intellectual. Which also inculde dostoevsky and kafka, and nietzsche, bach, freud, wittgenstein, boas or any other of many scholars.
I agree very much with this. And then I ask myself, is a university education only for academically/intellectually oriented people? As it is, most decent jobs require a bachelor or masters degree, so I think many get their university education just to get a decent job, decent car, decent house and lawn, etc. - not because they are fascinated in a particular subject or intellectual stimulation in general. In a way, I think mainstream culture is becoming more educated and the line between intellectuals and non-intellectuals is becoming more blurred than before. This surely poses challenges for universities, that now has to educate both the to-be professors and the ones just getting an entry ticket into the well payed job-market.

Yeah, and personally I would very much like more intellectual discussion and less party-planning, which is also why I enjoy PF.