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Mar3-05, 10:13 AM
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Maybe your opinion as a woman is very valuable for me.

I am not looking at her cleavage each time I talk with her (I really don't know what "cleavage" means and I don't feel like to take the dictionary, but I can imagine it).

There are two opposite behaviors we can show when we come across with one of these women:

1.-You show no sexual interest at all, trying not to mean you're sexually attracted to her. Consequence: she damn you because you are too stupid for not realising she is so pretty. Therefore, not flirting with her is a wrong technique.

2.-You show sexual interest, so that she (who has a boyfriend yet) will play with you because women want to have at least one man flying around her. Their life wouldn't be the same with that stupid man. Once you get bored of the game, they will mean that she needn't any more company and probably they will call you "un pesao" or "un plasta" as it is said here.

It can be concluded that both strategies are condemned to failure.
There is a secret 3rd super strategy you can use, it goes like this:

3.-You show lots of sexual interest, beat up her boyfriend with a baseball bat, hump her leg during classes, slip love letters under her door, walk her to and from work every day, run over that guy that kicked her dog with your dodge carrivan, ect., result: get arrested for manslaughter and assualt, get a restraining order slapped on you and shipped off to an insane asylum.... What? You were expecting positive results? These are women man, give it up.