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Apr3-05, 11:52 PM
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For a much more precise answer, look at this post by JesseM, which helped me understand the twin paradox "when I use it as a reference, I just learned it today afterall. Below is my attempt to explain without the math and without using JesseM's post as a reference.


Quote Quote by jdavel

Suppose the travelling twin goes to a planet that's 10 light years from earth and travels at a speed that gets him there in 20 years (hardly close to light speed, but it will do). If each twin watches the other through a telescope throughout the twenty year trip, what will they each see happening? What will they each be seeing at the moment the traveller arrives at the distant planet?
So you have twin A and twin B and Planet X. B departs for X which is 10 light years away. He travels at a speed somewhat near c, and it takes B 20 years to get to X. If B looks back at A during travel A will look as if he is aging slowly. If A looks at B the same affect happens. Now when B looks at a from X which I suppose is traveling relative to A's speed now making B traveling the same speed they would start to age the same speed again.

Now, when B lands on X he will be younger than A because his clock was traveling slower than A. (or perhaps I am wrong on this, I am not sure, becuase occording to the 'usual' twin paradox, B would have to travel back to A to be younger.)

I think thats correct.