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Apr6-05, 08:09 PM
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Right, only that person can claim that he or she has those feelings and that he or she is in a certain state of love, whatevery that may be. I think I see your point from your original point, that something does not exist because some believe it or not, it exists alone without belief. I agree with you on this and it's a valid point.

The main point I wish to express here is how an atheist takes a different approach than someone who chooses to believe in some kind of god. I have heard many times that "everyone has faith, even the atheist. the atheist must have faith in their belief of no god". I would like to point out as previous posters have that "faith" is a word that many take differently. I do not believe faith is a way to know something, while a belief in God relies on it faith being a way to have knowledge. For those who do not believe in God, they do not have faith in it, any more than they have faith that we really exist in this world, we are not in The Matrix, blah blah. Many people do not justify the world through this type of faith, and I think it is unfair to claim that they do.

Why do people with strong faith in the supernatural try to logically justify their beliefs? If the beliefs were justifiable in that way, I would think faith would not be needed.