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Apr17-05, 09:51 PM
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i hate the haters

and those who 'hate' soldiers see the world differently from what you would consider to be a norm. sometimes there is a whole different perspective that you are not aware of, perhaps a peaceful, serene state of mind that you know exists, but dont want to think about. sure, people are different, and you need military, and its a doggy dog world, but everyone has a different opinion and you need to at least try to see their side of the story

now i dont know who jane fonda is or what her work is about - a quick googling revealed her sexay picture on imdb, but other than that i have no idea how she got you all puffed up. you should try to analyze every individual 'military hater type' and try to see what the root of it is. it could be that she was raped by a group of navy sailors when she was 13, or that she had a father who died in the military, or she simply doesnt like violence in general and has this idealistic world view. there could be a number of things, but to lash out at everyone like that shows immature behaviour.

to further drive the point, the people on this planet are like bacteria - we have limited resources and way too many people per planet. this in turn, combined with general religious ignorance and lack of world-wide mandatory education has led to conflicts that you can see everywhere today. you could argue that her dismay is aimed at the wrong source - at the effect rather than cause, and that would be an intelligent analysis of the issue at hand. try to think before you post