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Apr18-05, 11:17 AM
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now i dont know who jane fonda is or what her work is about - a quick googling revealed her sexay picture on imdb, but other than that i have no idea how she got you all puffed up. you should try to analyze every individual 'military hater type' and try to see what the root of it is. it could be that she was raped by a group of navy sailors when she was 13, or that she had a father who died in the military, or she simply doesnt like violence in general and has this idealistic world view. there could be a number of things, but to lash out at everyone like that shows immature behaviour.
Jane Fonda's father was a very successful actor (Henry Fonda) and led a fairly protected life until she became a successful actress, herself. Jane Fonda, even by her own admission, tended to adopt whatever ideals the current man in her life held. That certainly shows a serious personality problem, but one that actually has little to do with the morality of war or soldiers.

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When you phrase it like that, you're totally misunderstanding people who trash soldiers. As far as I know, no one thinks "Soldiers die to defend my freedoms, thus I hate them." People who trash soldiers generally don't like the government, the military, and the goals which the soldiers serve. It one thinks a war is unjust, it makes total sense to hate those who actually are carrying out the war. If you don't think the government is defending your freedoms or the freedoms of others, and think the military is aiding in the stifling of freedoms, then it makes total sense to hate the actual physical manifestation of the militiray - the soldier - whose goal is to essentially carry out whatever orders he's given, by whatever possibly corrupt or evil official that decides what the orders shall be.
wasteofo2 hit on the reason some people hate the military. I think that kind of thinking is a little misguided - a little like hating police because you got a speeding ticket. Particularly ironic is the number of those people who don't vote because the entire democratic institution is corrupt, including the elections.