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Aug5-03, 11:24 AM
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Why the bias against materialism?

This is seperate from all the personal attacks I get for not believing in stuff that isn't real.

Where is the logic here? You are no different than the people who lambasted the first people that said the world could be round instead of flat. That was socalled science at the time. It also exists now this I do not belive I know, but that is me.

If tomarrow headlines read yet there is more scientifically proven, would you know that it is real? No you would say wow ok it is real I belive because science said it is real. Does that make it real? Will it be an experience to you? What has changed.

Life is about people and band wagons. It does not matter where you are or what arena. They are all band wagons. Sometimes they when not in a detrimental way they are good because they give groups of people a sense of community or being a part of an idea, but they will never lead to truth because the truth must come from one place and it is in a place where the seeker has yet to look.

When I was a child I knew all people had the capacity to understand, it is just that some don't but not because they cannot but because their lives to this point and time have not led them to a set of circumstances that would knock the lid off into the connection.