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Juan R.
Aug16-05, 08:19 AM
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Quote Quote by Telos
There are many different pursuits within string theory that might be a waste of time, but the basic ideas certainly are not.
The basic ideas also were a waste of time. For instance:

- the idea that a single parameter could be used for predicting all (False).
- The idea of unidimensional strings explaining all (False). The hundred of elementary particles would be reduced to a single string vibrating in different modes (False). M-theory is many times more complex that QFT, with all kind of unobserved objects from pointlike particles (D0) to nine-dimensional objects, passing by membranes, etc.
- The idea of that field theory pointlike behavior was "stupid", a heavy approximation to elegant math of extended objects (False).
- The idea of quantum gravitation WAS a spin-2 perturbation on a classical flat metric (False).
- Etc.

For example, i remain atonished that string theorists have a special facility for hiddeing to public that the formulation of M-theory known is a quantum mechanics of pointlike particles: the D0-branes. The old concept of string -as other extended objects of old theory- arises like an approximation.