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Aug18-05, 07:42 PM
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Quote Quote by Sub-Zer0
Just because someone can deunk something it does not mean it was not true, it just means you believed what they told you.
Actually, if I, and others prove that your data is wrong, that means you are wrong because you are now using illogical information.

Data and be distored and manipulated, how much science do you think is behinde ADD? Don't switch off the thinking process. Aside from the towers, demolition, and engineering information there have been at least 200 aritcles written by separate journalists that massively conflict w/ the offical line we have been fed. Do you discount all of that as well?
Data can be distorted and manipulated? I didn't know decades of structural engineering resources can all single handedly be changed so that its properties no longer are the same as they use to be. Please present these articles from structural engineers with the contradictory facts (Yes, structural engineers because most journalists know about as about engineering as a 10 year old knows about cars)

Looks like these people are obsessed over the idea that steel MUST melt before a building collapses. What about every other building failure in history? Did the metals all melt into streams of death that covered the street like you assume would have to happen for them to melt? I love seeing the "proof" that airliners cant bring down towers. They show them hitting like... one is about 30 stories high and hit near the top, another hit a real WTC-like tower but at about 7 stories from the top, and another was another short tower hit near hte top, pfff. You try to tell them how engineering works and how metallurgy works and they just deny it all the way and think that personal experience and "eye-witness" testimony is the #1 top priority in all cases.