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Les Sleeth
Sep23-05, 10:14 PM
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It is sad to see people who claim to be dedicated to objective investigation of facts ignoring anything which undermines their beliefs.

Let's eliminate everything questionable. We have a cable channel dedicated to objective investigation of fact (Court TV), and skeptical to the core of anything non-empirical. And after three successful seasons of case after case of psychics solving crimes no one else could, they have dedicated a time slot to exploring this possibility.

Consider a typical case. Investigators who are clueless and frustrated about a double murder, turn to a psychic for help (totally doubting). The detective brings six pictures, three of them that evidence shows some connection to the people murdered.

Nothing about the case has ever been published, the psychic lives in a different town. She's never heard of anything about it. When the detective arrive at her house, they want her to look at the pictures to give impressions.

The psychic immediately stops them. She doesn't want to see the pictures. She tells the detectives to place the pictures face down, and then she runs her hands over them.

Finally she says, "this man planned it, and these two carried out the murder." Who she chose, without any prior knowledge of the case or without seeing any faces, was the grandson of the murdered couple, and two of his friends. Later all three confessed.

This kind of story is repeated over and over again on the series "Phychic Detectives." Once a lady who'd never had anything psychic happen to her before heard of a missing woman, and that police were looking for her in a particular place. She claims, "In my mind I thought . . . that's not where she is" and saw a vision of a woman in a canyon.

She went to the police and told them what she saw, but they of course were skeptical. Feeling the victim might need immediate help, she went off on her own to search and found the body. The police did guess what? Yep, arrested her for the murder. Later the murderer confessed, and the newbie psychic sued the LA police department and won.

Do you know why some here are determined to categorically reject anything related to psychic possibilities? I say it's because they are so paranoid it will open the door to God or something similar, they have to reject anything which even appears to defy purely physical explanations.

What a bunch of poo-poo pee-pee boys you guys are! If psychicness happenes then it happens! And if it does happen, there might just be a perfectly reasonable physical explanation for how. And if it isn't a physcial explanation that explains it, then so what? Whatever is the truth is the truth. Why should anyone care what it turns out to be?

Stop knee-jerk rejecting and find a way to watch the Court TV series. I've seen a couple of dozen, and there are no known tricks of scam artists which account for what goes on.