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Nov3-05, 06:35 PM
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The thing with abuse, is that it starts small, with little things. And over time, you begin to feel like you deserve it. The abuser makes you feel the problem is you.
If you made it this far, its really hard to get out. Your pretty much mind washed that your suited for no one.
Its the same for both men and woman, but woman tend to band together, for support groups. But up untill the 1960's, woman were expected to just tuff it out too.
Men don't create support networks, and its not because they can't. Many men help out in womans networks. So its not like they don't know how its done.
{excluding our fantastic PF men} Men have a harder time talking about being mentally abused, not because of what woman would think of them, but of what there own gender would think of them. So men as a gender, need to step up to the plate, and say enoughs, enough.
There are so many support groups in place already. The one I know of here is called My Bothers and Sisters Place. It offers help to any gender, but I have never seen a man go there seeking help.