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Nov13-05, 09:25 PM
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I found a second, pre-election poll.
• Similar evidence suggests that Issue 2, one of the “Reform Ohio Now” proposals on early voting, also seems likely to win approval barring a major change. It also was backed by more than three-fifths of likely voters.
(Issue two was recorded on election day as having only 36% support!)

This poll is independent of the Dispatch poll ... but comes to the same conclusions: 1, 2, and 3 should pass comfortably. As it turns out ... 2 and 3 were defeated soundly -- in a manner that meant that the polling numbers were off by roughly 30 points.

One (conservative) blogger concludes that these polling organisations should go into hiding, because .... their methodology is so flawed. (Um ..... the other possibility - that the two independent and consistent polls might be a more accurate reflection of voter intent than the post-electronic-vote-machine count - seems to be staring us in the face.)

Hmmm. I also posted on the Ohio forum at black box voting. I am curious if they have any other poll sources/ideas.

I agree with several news sources I read that indicate that the wording on the issues was unclear. That seems standard for many propositions. The lack of clarity would predispose people to vote "no." But, a thirty point swing (in separate independent polls) is awfully big to be accounted for by that sole possibility.